Sony, Spider-Man Tout 4K Experience

Sony Electronics is taking the maxim of “Show. Don’t tell” to heart with a new campaign promoting its 4K Ultra High Definition electronics, with a little help from its Sony Pictures Home Entertainment division and Spider-Man.

The promotion, which is designed to send consumers into the Sony Experience areas of Best Buy stores and Sony Store retail outlets, uses a 30-second spot playing during National CineMedia’s “FirstLook” movie pre-show, showing outtakes from the recent “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” in their ultra-high-definition glory.

“National Cinema Media reaches consumers where they are already experiencing Sony 4K technology -- in the cinema,” Alex Magin, vice president of marketing at Sony Electronics, tells Marketing Daily. “The Sony Stores and the Sony Experience at Best Buy are the best places to experience Sony 4K technology for the home.”



The commercial shows action scenes from the most recent Spider-Man hit, while a voice over explains that the same technology that enables Sony’s 4K projection in theaters is available in the home with Sony’s 4K televisions. “With four times the clarity of high definition, everything will look more amazing,” says a voiceover, before encouraging audience members to “swing into” Best Buy stores to experience the technology themselves.

“We['re using] ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ as the hook for this experience because it is the most current example of a hit Hollywood film that shows how Sony develops films in 4K, projects them in cinema with 4K Digital Cinema Projectors, and makes them available in 4K Ultra HD for our 4K Ultra HD TVs,” Magin says. “No other company can provide this experience and technology to consumers.”

Using cinema as the venue for this advertising helps ensure an audience that is interested in films and entertainment, who are already experiencing the 4K technology, and may want to bring it into their homes, Magin says. “Movies are also the first form of content that will be available to consumers in 4K Ultra HD for the new format of televisions,” he says. 

This is the first campaign specifically aimed at driving consumers into the Sony Experience at Best Buy locations. The company announced the retail space, which is meant to show off the entire Sony ecosystem, earlier this year. 

“The space was designed for consumers to shop and compare TVs; to learn about the technologies and see for themselves the difference these technologies make,” Magin says. 

The spot will run in the 3,600-theater network, as well as through NCM’s Lobby Entertainment Network, through Sept. 25. The campaign will also be supported with in-store events and online media advertising.

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