Clypd Adds 'Deal ID' Tech To Programmatic TV Platform

Clypd, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic TV, on Tuesday announced it has added Deal ID technology to its platform. “Deal ID” is a hybrid way of trading media that involves both direct, pre-negotiated deals and programmatic targeting.

"TV advertising is the longest-standing and most powerful vehicle for delivering marketing messages. The human touch that has defined the media sale should not be marginalized,” stated Jason Burke, VP of product at clypd. “Deal ID allows for that strategic relationship between buyer and seller to remain strong while introducing operational efficiencies and data-driven enhancements for both parties. Programmatic TV advertising must consider the premium nature and the relative scarcity of the media and allow for the human element that has defined TV sales to remain part of the workflow."

A recent AOL study says about 8% of brands and agencies are using programmatic to buy TV, with another 12% saying they will increase spend in this category over the next six months.

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