Deutsch LA Makes Music With Snapple

Snapple is singing a new tune. Parent company Dr Pepper Snapple Group and AOR Deutsch LA have introduced new creative that uses only the brand's bottles, bottle caps, and tea as the campaign's music. 

"The overall idea was to create a fun graphic way to enjoy the brand," says Pete Favat, chief creative officer, Deutsch LA. "We wanted to create sound out of bottles. Which we did. Snapple only comes in glass bottles and we thought a distinguishing sound for the brand could come from the glass and caps. We wanted the brand to feel crafted, to feel charming, to feel natural. An iconic product needs an iconic sound."

The spots (here’s one) launched on network and cable television, along with digital placements in May and continue to air and run online through the end of September. In addition, Deutsch funded and developed a behind-the-scenes version tracking how the Deutsch LA team "made" the music with help from third-party vendor Endless Noise that runs across social media channels.



"Everyone knows that Snapple is made from the Best Stuff on Earth," says Favat. "The idea behind this campaign is to showcase Snapple’s 'Best Stuff' from the product out. From the way we romance our teas and juices, to the way we talk about them in our playful, witty tone of voice, this campaign is unmistakably Snapple. We even used Snapple's iconic bottles to create a unique soundtrack for the brand. The flexibility of this campaign allows Snapple to play in more places and enables Snapple to be more playful and cultural at every touch point." 

Meanwhile, Snapple's partnership with America's Got Talent is delivering millions of impressions during the shows and through its digital specific campaign. And executives just announced a three-year sponsorship agreement with the San Francisco Giants, which will give Snapple pouring rights in AT&T Park and bring Snapple teas and juices to attendees.

Although Dr Pepper Snapple Group declines to specify ad spend per brand, the beverage brand spent 7.8% of its sales on advertising and promotions in Q2 2014, which is in line with its historical average of 7.5%-8%, according to company financial filings. Deutsch LA has worked with Snapple since 2009.

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