TubeMogul Strikes Partnership With Integral For Viewability Ratings, Fraud Detection

Programmatic video ad platform TubeMogul on Wednesday announced that it has inked a partnership with Integral Ad Science that will bring Integral’s viewability measurement and fraud detection software to the TubeMogul platform.

TubeMogul already offers clients a viewability measurement solution, but the addition of Integral's software gives marketers an independent, third-party measurement vendor. Integral’s viewability tech is also accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for display advertising, but not yet for video ads.

“Integral’s reporting and technology will be available through our dashboard, however, advertisers will not have to use it -- it’s simply another layer of third-party verification,” said Jason Lopatecki, chief strategy officer at TubeMogul. “Our clients can use other third-party verification providers in conjunction with our software.”

The partnership also brings pre-bid data and tech to TubeMogul’s video ad platform -- something Integral’s CRO Michael Iantosca said is one of the main benefits of the deal. Included is the ability to block potentially fraudulent inventory before the impression is served, per Lopatecki.

Integral’s True Advertising Quality (TRAQ) scores -- which grades the quality of inventory on a scale of 1 to 1000 -- will also be available via TubeMogul.

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