Rentrak On Track To Gather Data From 26M Set-Top Box Homes

Growing TV-media measurement company Rentrak continues to add millions of TV set-top boxes it can access -- double its levels of three years ago.

By the end of 2014, Rentrak will glean data from 26 million set top box homes, helped to these higher levels through deals made with pay TV providers DirecTV and Cox. This is up from the level of 13 million set-top boxes that Rentrak had in 2011.

Bill Livek, vice chairman/chief executive officer of Rentrak, told Media Daily News the move to higher set-top-box totals has been gradual. “It takes time to integrate the homes, build the projections, and do impact analyses.”

He adds that Rentrak will now report on nearly 300 networks and over 1,650 TV stations.

Livek would not disclose specific set-top-box additions from DirecTV and Cox systems. But he says that now having over 60 million TV sets (from 26 million set-top-box homes) gives Rentrak a stronger ability to integrate into an advertisers’ particular audience needs.  



“TV targeting continues to be transformed from a generic age/sex approach to meeting client’s specific needs,” he says. Rentrak gets TV viewing data from set-top boxes on a second by second basis.

While Nielsen continues to be the national currency for many TV networks and markets, Rentrak continues to grow on the local level among TV station and TV advertising executives -- especially when it combines the granularity of viewing data with product-purchase data.

This June, Rentrak, which is already making headway into many local TV station agreements, had a big signing in getting major TV station group -- the Fox Television Stations -- as a client. Earlier this year, CBS Television Network signed on with Rentrak for “advanced demographics” ratings as a form of TV advertising “currency.”

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  1. michael Kaushansky from Havas Helia, August 23, 2014 at 11:22 a.m.

    Would love to get a demo and see some case studies

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