The Demand Chain Is More Important Than The Supply Chain

It is understandable that to improve marketing efficiency, there is considerable emphasis on improving the media supply chain process. Yet, as heretical as it sounds, there is too much focus on supply chain efficiency and not enough on improving demand chain effectiveness.


The supply chain is full of complexity when you consider the combination of  consumer targeting, content delivery and audience measurement. On the other hand, the demand chain is simplicity on steroids .. identify the right message, deliver the right experience. What consumers demand (or at least want), and it's possible to create brand loyalty beyond reason.

How do you do that?

By focusing, not on big data, but on the "small" data that  marketers have about their users, especially their most profitable users.

These small data can inform the creation of great messaging and  experiences. Then the big data will tell us where the small data driven message content should be placed so it can be measured.

When you combine small data and big data you get smart data.. and in this world of exponentially increasing data points, we all need to get smarter and simpler — because simplicity trumps complexity.



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