Subway Spoofs Fitness Crazes

A new fall Subway campaign is tweaking odd fitness regimes, including attempts to return to our ancestors' lifestyles in pursuit of health and immortality.

The integrated campaign, dubbed "Crop Fit," is from creative agency MMB. 

In the television spot launching on Labor Day, a young man tells his meal partner (they're eating at Subway) that he's currently doing "Crop Fit," a hardcore fitness program "based on 19th Century farming practices." The spot then shows him engaging in exercise like pulling a plow and pushing a huge pumpkin.

The messaging points out that Subway's better-for-you meal options are an easy way to help the health-conscious stay on track whatever their physical fitness regimes may be. 

The integrated campaign, from MMB, will air on broadcast and cable networks for an indefinite period, supported by promotion on Subway's social media channels and inclusion in its fall digital advertising rotation.



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