Subway & the Full Menu of Mobile Payment Options

The best testing ground for consumers looking to try out mobile payments for the first time just may be Subway.

Want to try out Apple Pay? Subway has it. Softcard? Check. Pay by the Subway app? No problem.

While the positioning of the payment titans takes the stage, Subway has been quietly chugging along looking to let consumers pay however they want.

Last year, the company added a mobile wallet by Paydiant into its own app so people could pay from inside the app, which I wrote about here at the time (Subway Adding Mobile Payments to the Menu).

That payment platform is white labeled, so consumers only see payments by Subway.

In its Apple Pay announcement last week, Subway was featured as one of the merchants set up to use the service.



And now Softcard, the joint venture of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile formerly known as Isis (still the name at the top of the announcement at the time of this writing), announced it will be available for payment at 26,000 Subway locations.

An interesting twist for customers using Softcard mobile payments is they receive $1 back on every purchase over $1 made via the American Express Serve card.

With Apple Pay and Softcard, Subway gives a boost to NFC (near field communication), since consumers will need the technology, already in many millions of Android phones and coming in the iPhone 6.

Consumers will be trained to tap to pay.

They also can pay just using the app, including in advance ordering.

And yes, they can still use cash.

May the best payment method win.


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  1. Susan O from Elegant MicroWeb, November 12, 2014 at 11:14 a.m.

    Whether or not Subway offers numerous payment options as a strategic approach to getting more customers, their approach might just work with Millennials who are steering away from traditional credit cards and using everything from Bitcoin to Apple Pay to PayPal and SoftCard to pay for products and services in brick and mortar stores and online.

    At Elegant MicroWeb we find that our eCommerce customers are thinking more about an integrated marketing strategy with internet marketing, payment options and other unique offerings that will attract customers and make it easier for them to browse, order and pay easily and quickly, using methods they prefer. Knowing ones customer is more important than ever in this competitive global business environment.

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