Nissan Signs Up As Exclusive Sponsor Of 'The Voice'

Nissan has signed on to be exclusive auto sponsor for the next three seasons of NBC’s “The Voice” starting with this, the seventh season. The program includes custom content featuring artists participating during the season, both on air and online, including at And it involves Nissan-branded social and digital elements. 

For example, The Franklin, Tenn.-based Nissan North America will sponsor "The Voice Official App," available at Google Play and the App Store. The app is designed to deliver content and act as a fan participation vehicle. Principally, according to the automaker, it delivers show content from the auditions to the finals, and allows users to vote during broadcast. 

The voting part of the app involves a "chair" of the kind featured in the show, meant to represent the user’s vote. During the blind auditions, users can execute a vote by hitting a virtual red button that, when clicked, casts a vote and turns the chair. The app also lets users see what others are doing in real time. App users can also comment during  the battle and knock out rounds on which artists they would choose or steal, and share their support on their social networks.  



They can "save" their preferred artist by sending a tweet within the app. During the show, callouts urge fans to use their app to buy songs and tweet the coaches from the app home screen. 

Nissan is also sponsoring "The Voice Tailgate," a social media component at #VoiceTailgate that connects fans to artists, coaches, guest performers and other celebrities, per the company. It also has behind-the-scenes social content. 

“This new three-year partnership with NBC is another way that Nissan is going beyond traditional sponsorships to provide innovation to our consumers with exciting experiences,” said Fred Diaz, SVP, Nissan North America sales and operations in a statement. “Between the on-air broadcast, the Voice Official App and 'The Voice Tailgate,' we’re adding a new dimension to big cultural experiences like 'The Voice' – far beyond what has been available in previous seasons.”

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