OPA Calls 'Online' Irrelevant, Becomes DCN: Focus Now On Digital 'Content'

In a move that is symbolic of the fundamental shifts taking place among big digital publishers, the Online Publishers Association has changed its name to Digital Content Next. The trade association, formerly known as the OPA, says it is making the move because there are broader issues confronting how its members distribute content and monetize it from marketers and consumers, but the simpler truth may be that the words “online” and “publishing” may have become passe, and less than relevant in an era of media ubiquity.

“Our members wake up every morning thinking about how to create great content experiences and monetize them,” stated Jason Kint, who succeeded long-time OPA CEO Pam Horan in May. Kint previously was senior vice president and general manager of CBS Interactive’s sports division.



“With this reset, we will be working to push the industry forward to its next level of development,” added Martin Nisenholtz, the former long-time New York Times Digital executive who founded the OPA.

Going forward, the group said it will focus on issues “ranging from net neutrality to revenue innovation to privacy.”

Kint conceded that the word online “doesn’t feel as relevant as it did 13 years ago with digital integrated into every corner of our lives,” and said the repositioning of the trade group is designed to be more “forward-thinking.”

As part of that initiative, the DCN outlined its “core values” as follows:

1.     We believe in an open Internet in which consumers and marketers may directly associate with our brands.

2.     We are aware of the many choices of consumers across more and more platforms. We will honor their trust in our brands and relentlessly advocate for their respect.

3.     We are aware of the many choices of marketers across more and more platforms. We will shine a light on the falsehoods and misconceptions in the modern digital marketplace in order to defend members’ businesses, particularly in the areas of ad tech and cross media attribution.

4.     We will have a seat at the table representing trusted first party relationships in any discussion among advertisers, policy makers and the press.

5.     We will create a trusted forum among members to share strategic insights, best practices and tactics in order to ensure a vibrant original content marketplace.
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