Toronto Advertising Professionals To Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other For A Good Cause

So up in Toronto, it's perfectly fine to beat the crap out of your fellow advertising and media types. Yeah, back for its fifth year, Agency Wars V pits two teams of boxers against one another. The event, which takes place November 26 at 7 p.m. at the Arcadian Court, is a charity fundraiser in support of Ronald McDonald House Toronto and the National Advertising Benevolent Society. On September 5th, 65 people began a two-week boxing camp that ended September 19. On September 23 and 24, competitors will be announced. And this isn't just your average "for fun" advertising event. No, this is serious stuff. The 24 competitors will attend a 10-week training course to become licensed amateur boxers. Michael Clancy, Founder of Agency Wars, former Executive Creative Director, Brandworks International and owner of Clancy’s Boxing Academy, says: “It truly is a lifestyle change for each fighter, committing to 12 weeks of intense training, pushing themselves to limits that challenge their body and mind. These selected fighters and teams have decided to lengthen their life while strengthening their careers, plus supporting of a good cause.” Best of luck to all.

Oh, good God. Yet another ad agency slinging buzzword bingo about some newly named service they've launched that is -- in the case of Washington DC-based Partners & Harrison -- "Bold and Different," but in reality, it's the same sort of crap with a new bow on top. So what's bold and different? The agency's new Branding Collaborative aims to "turn their own creative agency into a virtual think tank that figures out what makes a brand truly different. Hmm. So kind of like "I have a hard stop at 3" rather than "I have to leave this meeting at 3"? Agency Partner Brad Londy explains further, saying: “The firm works closely with companies to help them determine their point of difference and the best way to articulate that in the marketplace. Our new mantra is ‘Be Different.' Being different is the surest way to gain mind share and market share in today’s cluttered marketplace.” Oh, okay. That's way different than any other ad agency we've ever come across. 

Hmm. Former Ad Age Editor Scott Donaton moved on to publisher of Entertainment Weekly and then over to the agency side with stints at IPG Mediabrands and UM. Former Ad Age Editor Jonah Bloom moved on to MDC Partner's KBS and is now one of two presidents for the agency. All of which makes one wonder where current Ad Age Associate Publisher (and former Editor) Abbey Klaassen will end up next. But that's not what's news today. What is news is KBS naming two new presidents. The aforementioned Jonah Bloom, the agency's chief strategy officer, and Matt Powell, the agency's chief information officer, have been named co-presidents of the agency. The move follows the promotion of Ed Brojerdi from president to CEO. Actually, Abbey, can you just tell us where you're going next?

Well this isn't so much news as it is the trials and tribulations of an increasingly interconnected world and the never ending desire of some to connect where they simply don't belong. In other words, hack. Yes, today the Razorfish Twitter account was hacked and spammed with message after message of the "you should see this horrible post about u here" variety. In a short time, the agency regained control and tweeted, "We hear only the cool kids get hacked. All is under control now." Such fun



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