Digital Asset Firm Zonza Integrates With 4As/ANA's Ad-ID, Will Facilitate Ad Automation, Improve Workflow

In the first integration of its kind, Zonza, a digital asset management and content distribution platform jointly owned by Deluxe and Hogarth Worldwide, has agreed to integrate the Ad-ID advertising coding system developed by the Association of National Advertisers and the 4As.

The deal is significant, says Greg Smith, a Madison Avenue technology vet who is general manager of Deluxe Advertising Services and COO of Zonza, because it marks the first time a major digital asset management firm has incorporated Ad-ID, ensuring that more of the advertising development and management process will operate via a single, unified code.

That will help increase automation and improve workflow, while reducing the chances of discrepancies as advertising assets go from creative development through execution and ultimately, distribution to media outlets.

It “may allow for better re-use and/or a greater ability to connect messaging between media channels,” he explained, adding that it will enable ads “to be crafted and distributed from a single platform.”



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