Omelet Hatches Content Production Shop

Eggs are naturally gluten-free, and now, full-service agency Omelet is playing off this concept with its new content production shop Gluten Free Studios (GFS).

"Gluten-free recipes strip away a lot of the additives that have become prevalent in our modern diet," says Rob Poznanski, President, Gluten Free Studios. "We’re doing the same thing with our content and offering clients a lighter meal, so-to-speak."

Gluten Free Studios is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omelet that was created to help provide the best solutions for clients that have a need for quick-turn, low-cost projects. Current clients include Microsoft, Harman/Kardon, Tagboard, and Pete Carroll’s Win Forever.

“We always have and will always be dedicated to providing the best solutions to clients, and in doing so we discovered that many companies have a need for quick-turn, low-cost projects,” said Don Kurz, Chairman and CEO of Omelet. “Gluten Free Studios is the perfect solution for companies looking for that option.”



This new shop grew out of client need. In the past 10 years, Omelet has worked with brands like Microsoft, AT&T, Coca-Cola and Moët & Chandon, but has also at times noticed that some of those clients have a need for quick-turn, low-cost projects that can be delivered on a very fast timeline. Then, after experiencing 300% organic growth in recent years with its focus on full-service solutions, that growth gave Omelet the ability to launch an entity like GFS.

On average, GFS will offer creative production solutions at lower rates due to accelerated timelines, mainly focusing on projects such as product showcasing, social content, event coverage, channel marketing and communications. 

Still, speed does present some difficulties. "The major challenge has been convincing clients that the quality won’t slide because of shortened timelines and smaller budgets," says Poznanski. 

Led by Poznanski, the Seattle-based shop launches with 13 employees and a new office space located on Lake Washington, adjacent to the Seattle Seahawk’s Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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