Forget Barbarian Group's Superdesk - Now We Have Disappearing Desks

Will this be the latest trendlet in ad agency office design? After all, the whole SuperDesk thing has already been done. Why not desks that disappear so agency employees don't turn into workaholics? That seems to be the aim over at Amsterdam design studio Heldergroen, which has affixed wires to the desks in its office that lift the desks to the ceiling promptly at 6 p.m. Screw it if you're on client deadline is apparently the mantra of the office makeover. Supposedly, employees are encouraged to engage in yoga and dance once the desks are out of the way. Of the move, Heldergroen Creative Director Sander Veenendaal says: "We think that doing activities like this makes it easier for people to work here. You know when it is time to relax or do something else that inspires you." Or you could just leave when you are done with your work.

Watch out, ad agencies. Chicago-based PR giant Edelman is about to get all up in your face. The firm has hired four senior execs who will head up the firm’s creative division which had its taste of ad agency-like fame when, in partnership with Creative Arts Agency, the firm took home a Cannes Grand Prix for its work on Chipotle. Of the ongoing shift, Edelman Chicago President Jay Porter said: "We recognized we needed to change ourselves, strengthening the nature of our offerings to clients with professionals that offer new and innovative skill sets." Joining the agency are former Leo Burnett EVP of Global Brands Tanya Bennett. Twenty-year ad vet J.T. Anderson has joined as digital group creative officer. Ogilvy and DDB vet Jim Marcus has joined as Creative Director and former Digitas and Energy BBDO strategist Jani Westcott has joined as strategic account director for consumer accounts.

Hmm. Maybe they are legendary. Maybe they aren't. But when we receive a press release that screams "legendary creative minds have teamed up to launch...", we cringe. Anyway, GSD&M Co-Founder Tim McClure and Taylor West Advertising Creative Director Bill West have teamed to launch Outsiders 365, a boutique agency that will "embody their passionate belief that everyone can benefit from an active life that’s lived outside as much as possible." Of the launch, McClure says, “Bill and I have been talking about building a legend for years, and Outsiders 365 is the perfect platform for our collective passion.” West adds, “We are truly unique in the outdoor space. We are a fun, young team of strategists, creative thinkers, new media marketers, and digital developers connecting outdoors brands and organizations with the rapidly growing community of outdoor enthusiasts.” Outsiders 365 will be staffed with outdoor enthusiasts and will work exclusively with brands, organizations, and communities that "share their love" for the outdoors and commitment to getting more people outside and active. Light the campfire and cue Kumbaya.

And now ...a PSA. San Diego-based advertising agency, Geary LSF, in conjunction with AD2 San Diego, will be hosting an open house for all young professionals interested in a career in advertising. The event will take place at the Geary LSF downtown San Diego headquarters and is designed to provide young professionals with valuable insight into the advertising industry, and career advice for getting started in the ever-changing and exciting field of digital marketing. Explaining the open house, Geary LSF Human Resources manager Anna Mikituk said: “As a company, we value our employees and consider them our number one asset. After all, our people are what set us apart in the industry and what make us unique. We want to be able to share the talent and knowledge of our team with the San Diego community, as well as our local advertising colleagues. This event is the perfect opportunity to do just that.”



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