NEW! It Takes A Lot Of Hollywood Magic To Make Rob Lowe Look Unattractive In DirecTV Ads

directtvRob Lowe is so good-looking that even his so-called creepy self isn't that horrendous in an ad for DirecTV. Lowe, a DirecTV user, stars in two ads that illustrate what Rob Lowe might look like if he had cable TV instead. "Creepy Rob Lowe" watches people swim at the rec center when his cable goes out and smells people's hair in a dark movie theater. Heartthrob Rob Lowe needs only to stress about what tea to drink while watching his favorite show. See it here. The second ad shows a hands-down, "Less Attractive Rob Lowe." The picture quality between DirecTV and cable is the difference between Rob Lowe in a tailored suit or Rob Lowe with a beer belly, unibrow and thinning combover. Watch it here. The best part of the campaign? The theme from "St. Elmo's Fire" closing out each commercial. Grey New York created the campaign, directed by Tom Kuntz.

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