This Ad Agency Is Proud To Be Known As A Bunch Of Wingnuts

You've gotta love an agency that has the chutzpah to call itself Wingnut. After all, in some circles, the term "wingnut" is not very complimentary. In fact, it's downright disrespectful and mean. Alas, that didn't stop the 10-year-old shop from naming itself Wingnut. And it hasn't stopped them from doing fine, thank you very much. Agency President Jim Cousins said: “We’re really hitting our stride. Corporate-owned agencies only need one big client to make their year, but independent agencies like ours need diverse client portfolios to survive.” The agency had almost tripled its revenue in the past four years, and has no problem remaining small -- but growing fast.

Aw, how sweet. This past weekend, OMD Associate Director of Media Buying Courtenay Biehl Swasey was married to New York Hospitality Group chef Peter Murray Crawford at Christ Church in Greenwich, CT. Swasey's father is a senior VP of investments in the wealth management unit of UBS. And she marries a chef? Hey, who are we to judge? True love is true love, right? No matter what the background of the two people who share it. So join me in wishing Courtenay and Peter the best in their life journey. 

Well now. Mincing no words regarding Interpublic's dissolving of Rogue, the unit that handled the Cadillac account, GM Authority blog writes: "Despite all the work Rogue has done for Cadillac since its creation by Interpublic in July 2013, the Rogue-Cadillac team never seemed to get near a singular cohesive campaign for the brand. Rogue was spun off from the Lowe and Partners agency, and Campbell-Ewald, who have since merged, as well as Hill-Holliday, who took the creative lead within the new Rogue agency. In addition to not being able to forge a unified campaign for the Cadillac brand, Rogue also drew a lot of criticism for the "Poolside" ad, particularly for its unapologetically materialistic and narrow presentation of the American dream. We’ve long held the belief that Cadillac’s lackluster sales have been an issue of marketing and dealership struggles rather than product quality, so any change pertaining to their marketing strategy is good news." Well, let's hope so. Cadillac deserves better.

UK marketing and PR exec Sophie Gradon, who also dabbles as an underwear model and was a former Miss Great Britain, is looking for a roommate. The 28-year-old has placed an ad, but warns she's not always fully clothed when hanging around home. In the ad, she writes: "I swear like a trooper that I occasionally walk round in minimal clothing, so if easily offended do not contact." Not that there's many people who would be offended by a former Miss Great Britain prancing around in her underwear, but at least she's adhering to honesty in advertising. And who can fault her for that?



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