Lufthansa's 'Nonstop You' Campaign Lands In U.S.

Two years ago, Lufthansa Airlines and its German AOR Kolle Rebbe launched the Nonstop You global campaign to focus on passengers and their wishes, experiences and dreams that are linked with flying Lufthansa.

Now, Lufthansa is turning to its U.S. AOR Partners + Napier to bring Nonstop You to U.S. travelers. And they are doing it with the selfie. 

The campaign is centered around a mobile interactive ad that uses 3D and panoramic elements and leverages camera phone functionality to provide iconic backgrounds from Italy, France, and Germany. In other words, users can put themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa without leaving home. Users are prompted to take a selfie, which is then embedded into a branded postcard with the chosen background and is sharable via social networks.



The concept is designed to make travelers feel as if they have arrived at their destination even before they land and that Lufthansa provides personalized service at every stage of travel. 

There are additional elements to engage frequent international business travelers and leisure travelers, including an interactive video experience in which print and online ads direct viewers to visit this site. There is an Apple iAd Quiz ad that asks consumers “What kind of traveler are you?” Based on the quiz results, the ad delivers information on how air travel with Lufthansa will meet the needs of that kind of traveler. 

Amazon Kindle is running an interactive ad that features several "hotspots" and leverages elements from the microsite to showcase the Lufthansa brand experience. A video page takeover via the Undertone ad network will leverage video assets used elsewhere in the campaign. And a separate page takeover of will feature in-banner videos that showcase Lufthansa’s service. 

There are also basic digital buys, including push-down units, in-banner video units, and standard banner ads featuring key visuals from the frequent international business traveler and leisure traveler audience profiles.

The campaign also combines tech-savvy elements with traditional channels. For example, QR-code enabled print ads are running in travel and business publications, including Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, National Geographic Traveler, Forbes, Fortune and The Economist.

Lufthansa spent 328 million Euros on advertising and sales promotions in 2013, up from 308 million Euros spent in 2012, according to company financial filings. 

Partners + Napiers has worked with Lufthansa since 2012.

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  1. Tom Goodwin from Tomorrow, October 20, 2014 at 10:31 a.m.

    "Nonstop you"- launched on a day of an industrial strike?

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