YouTube's TrueView Inventory Goes Programmatic With Pixability

Pixability, a programmatic video ad platform, this week announced the self-serve launch of its YouTube TrueView programmatic ad platform.

YouTube’s TrueView inventory allows consumers to skip ads they are not interested in, and only charges advertisers when people watch. Pixability claims this is the first time the TrueView inventory will be available for programmatic buying on a self-serve basis. Multiple programmatic video ad experts told Real-Time Daily that YouTube had previously sold TrueView inventory directly or that they had not heard of YouTube selling TrueView inventory programmatically.

However, one source told Real-Time Daily that skippable pre-roll ads are available for programmatic buying on Google’s AdX that are “identical” save two things: you buy on a CPM basis, not cost per skipped, and it doesn’t impact that view count of the original video on the brand’s channel.

Pixability had been optimizing TrueView inventory via programmatic for clients on a managed service basis, said Andreas Goeldi, the company’s chief technology officer. He claimed that the self-serve platform has gotten “a lot of interest” from the major holding companies. 

Omnicom Media Group’s Resolution Media’s Global President Alan Osetek is quoted in the release, noting that YouTube is a “critical part of many … clients’ marketing programs.” Goeldi asserts Pixability is having “advanced discussions with several of the other players.”

In addition of Omnicom’s Resolution Media, other clients include PUMA, L’Oreal, Sharp Electronics, Mindshare and ZenithOptimedia, per a release. While Goeldi wouldn’t reveal which brands are using the platform on a self-service basis, he said the beauty industry is currently leading the pack.

“We expect, over the coming year, a majority of the major holding companies and their sub-brand agencies to use the more sophisticated [self-serve] platform,” Goeldi said. He added that Pixability’s goal is to have 75% of its customers self-serve within a year.

The article has been updated to reflect that Pixability's platform optimizes TrueView inventory, not buying, until YouTube officially releases an API, a spokesperson has said. 

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