SmarTV, Quadriga Merge, Offer Interactive TV Service To Hotels

The in-room TV experience is about to become more interactive for some hotel guests following a merger between Quadriga Worldwide, which provides guest technology services to the hospitality industry, and the SmarTV Company, which specializes in interactive entertainment.

The merged company aims to help hotel operators increase guest engagement and boost revenue through enhanced interactivity and entertainment options.

The new merged entity, retaining the Quadriga Worldwide brand name, will be able to offer hospitality clients new hardware and software products and services suitable for various tiers of the hospitality market.

Along with interactive TV, Quadriga’s offerings include mobile services integrated with room-based tablets, mobile apps for spa guests, digital signage, place-based social networks, and mobile apps for housecleaning and support staff. It also offers access to video and music channels and libraries, as well as promotional video platforms to help hotel operators highlight their own products and services.



SmarTV’s AdSmarTV service helps hotel operators get into the advertising business with gallery pages, guide sponsorships, and other products integrated into the interactive viewing experience. In addition to its hospitality business, SmarTV also provides services to hospitals, assisted living centers and other kinds of healthcare facilities.

SmarTV Chairman Seale Moorer hinted at more acquisitions for the combined company, stating: “Our strategic vision and operating plan is to become the premier global supplier of guest-facing hospitality technologies and services. To that end, we will expand the group by developing additional products and broadening our managed service offerings. We will also make additional transactions resulting in better geographic market coverage and distribution.”

The company will first focus on building out its business in markets where it already has a presence, including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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