Whirlpool, DigitasLBi Aim For 'Upworthy' Content

Last month, Whirlpool launched the "Every day, care" project to promote its brand by providing acts of caring and tangible ways to make an impact. 

Now, Whirlpool and DigitasLBI are introducing Perceptions of Care videos under this broader initiative that has them collaborating for the first-time with online platform Upworthy. This is the first time Upworthy, under its Upworthy Collaboration program, has cooperated this closely on original content with a brand and agency.

Two videos tell the stories of two real-life families who are both part of the quickly growing “sandwich generation”—people who care for their aging parents while caring for their own children. The concept is to bring attention to the profound impact of care these families give, and receive, every day, and the broader impact that has on their lives.

DigitasLBi conceived and directed the creative, while DigitasLBi and Upworthy worked together on content development and audience strategy. Then, Upworthy led distribution. "This was definitely a much deeper collaboration than what Upworthy’s standard consultation role has been with other brands," the agency said. "While DigitasLBi conceived the idea and drove the creative process as any agency typically would during a standard production, Upworthy was very collaborative throughout the entire production process, says Morgan Carroll, EVP/Executive Creative Director, DigitasLBi. "This is in addition to the work they did with us on audience strategy and consulting on what works/what doesn't."

Reaching the right audience and the content idea was very much in line with the theme and emotional tone of Upworthy's site and social channels. It was also important to showcase real people, not actors. "The campaign is about people, real families, and the impact of the care they give and receive daily. In this particular execution, we have a 'real family' proving the brand's point of view that these daily mundane tasks that are oftentimes thankless are truly worth it,” said Chelsey Lindstrom, Brand Manager, Whirlpool Brand. “They have the power to change the world. At Whirlpool this is where we draw the inspiration to design the products we make every day."

In addition to these two videos, Whirlpool is sponsoring several curated videos on Upworthy.com that are designed to drive to the Perception of Care work. The two videos will be distributed via Upworthy’s social channels and newsletter, as well as Whirlpool’s social channels and a microsite.

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