Bloomberg Forges Exclusive Search Ad Partnership With adMarketplace

Bloomberg has inked an exclusive partnership with adMarketplace to serve targeted text ads from brand advertisers on The exclusive partnership with the search platform, announced Wednesday, displaces Google AdSense.

adMarketplace will use its programmatic platform to match sponsored ads with user search queries, said Vince Meyer, VP of business development at adMarketplace. The agreement is for desktop and mobile search ads. "Flexibility was important to them as they think about how to present a similar search experience on desktop and mobile," he said. "They wanted ads to incorporate more closely with the content."

It was also important for adMarketplace to share the search data it collects with While publishers view the data as valuable to better target ads, editorial teams also want to know the search terms that are important to readers.

Bloomberg News publishes nearly 5,000 articles daily, and reaches more than 24 million readers monthly. adMarketplace aims to help advertisers reach readers who search on the site with relevant ads. The exclusive partnership is adMarketplace's first.



Not every search will trigger an ad, Meyer said. "There's no reason for us to show an ad when it's not relevant to the user," he said.

adMarketplace soon will have additional competition. Microsoft is working to build out a search ad platform for publishers. The third-party ad publisher network, similar to Google AdSense and adMarketplace's platform, will place premium high-quality ads on publisher sites supported by Bing and Bing Ads.  

Forrester Research estimates that during the next five years paid search and organic optimization will top $45 billion. The report highlights the growth in Google's ad revenue: a 17% increase in 2014 Q3, despite declining ad costs. Forrester attributes the growth to the fact that Google click volume has seen double-digit growth each quarter since 2007.

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