Multipop Unveils New Video Player

Multipop, a digital video platform that enables publishers and advertisers to create proprietary video players with an array of interactive features, has unveiled a new integrated video player that is compatible with most major online video formats. Several clients are already using the new player in campaigns combining video with e-commerce tie-ins and social sharing.

The new integrated player enables users to incorporate Multipop’s technology anywhere the original video is embedded, including YouTube, Vimeo, or their own proprietary player -- all through a self-service interface. In addition to the e-commerce and social sharing functions, the platform also enables features like voting, simultaneous Web surfing and viewing, and organically integrated content extensions.

The player also collects data that allows marketers and content creators to tailor their strategies -- including what devices, operating systems and browsers viewers are using, their demographic characteristics, and affinity categories, among other types of information.



A number of clients are already using the new platform to build multifaceted campaigns, including fashion brand Alice + Olivia, which is employing the expanded player to add social features and a “see-click-buy” function that connects e-commerce directly to video content for its fall 2014 line. On the player viewers can shop via video, comment on Facebook, and live Tweet, all within a single media experience. According to Alice + Olivia, its previous video campaign with Multipop produced a 30% click-through rate.

Another client, compression athletic gear maker TITIN, is also using the new player to create a campaign augmenting online video messages with additional content, e-commerce, and social functionality. Among other things the expanded player allows the brand to give an overview of its new gel-based compression shirts, with additional technical details about how the shirts work available alongside for viewers who want to learn more.

Scott Hakim, TITIN director of athlete integration and marketing, stated: “Multipop and their new integrated player allows us to educate customers on our product while also providing an excellent platform to drive sales and shares.”

Multipop is also working with clients including Kmart and the Discovery Network.

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