Biz Stone Debuts New App Dubbed Super

Biz Stone debuted a new app named Super, on Monday. Rather that sing its praises, however, the seasoned tech entrepreneur says Super is no big deal.

“I’m … not going to proclaim that it’s the most innovative thing ever or that it’s going to save the world,” Stone explained in blog post, on Monday. “It’s not, it’s just fun.”

Still a work in progress, Super is supposed to serve as a mobile platform for people to speak their minds. After choosing a prompt like “The Best,” “I Am” or “Definitely Don’t,” users can share any kind of opinion, and illustrate their positions with an accompanying image. Users also have the option of associating their thoughts to an existing social media account, or sharing in an “anonymish” fashion.

Super is the latest effort from Stone, who is best known for co-founding Twitter. More recently, Stone hatched Jelly -- which is part question-and-answer app and part search engine -- and a blogging platform named Medium.

With each new project, Stone insists that achieving Twitter-level success is not the goal -- but he doesn’t discount the possibility.

Regarding Super, he writes: “We laughed a lot while prototyping Super and that was a sure sign we were onto something … I remember doing just that when we were prototyping Twitter eight years ago.”

Medium did its first sponsorship deal this summer. BMW signed on to sponsor a collection of posts about design, dubbed "Reform" for an initial six-month period. "Presented by BMW" appears next to each title and videos from the car marque appear at the bottom of each article. Rather than charging on cost per click, BMW was guaranteed the total amount of minutes spent reading stories on Reform over the period.

Stone’s app workshop, Jelly Industries, presently consists of seven people. Stone launched Jelly with Ben Finkel. The two first joined forces in 2010 when Twitter acquired Finkel’s Q&A site

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