President Obama Surprises Australian Ad Man By Using His 29-Year-Old Tagline In Speech

Australian ad man Tim Bond is happy. Really, really happy. In 1985 Bond was working for D'Arcy MacManus and Masius and was asked to come up with a tagline for Queensland. He thought about the task for ten weeks. And out came "Beautiful one day, perfect the next." It became Queensland's most iconic tagline. Fast-forward 29 years to a speech given by President Barack Obama at the University of Queensland. During his speech, Obama said: "This city, this part of Australia, is just stunning. Beautiful one day, and then perfect the next. That's what I understand." Following Obama's utterance, Bond's phone blew up with eager and excited "did you hear?” text messages and phone calls. Of the surprise, Bond said: "It was pretty amazing, really. When the most powerful man in the world quotes something you wrote, it feels good. It makes you feel proud of Queensland - that's another emotion that comes into it." Currently, Bond works for Brisbane ad firm The Ideas Bunker. Good on ya, mate! (Did I say that right?)

Yay, IPG! Wait, what? Who gets excited about an ad agency holding company? No one. Except the holding company itself. Which is why IPG is hyping itself today for five of its agencies making Ad Age's Best Places to work list. IPG agencies making the list include Carmichael Lynch, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN; Tierney, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA; TM, headquartered in Dallas, TX; UM and Weber Shandwick, both headquartered in New York, NY. The "Best Places to Work" list tracks companies that attract, develop, and reward the best minds in the marketing, technology and media industries. Advertising Age surveyed more than 20,000 people and looked at compensation, benefits packages and hiring practices, as well as work-life balance to determine the results. Of course, Ad Age's list has so many categories and so many geographic breakdowns that practically every agency in the country made the list. I mean SQ1? Who's heard of them?

Poor DDB. No idea if they made the Best Places to Work list, but they did just lose the New York Lottery account which the agency has handled for 23 of the past 26 years. And while that may be sad for DDB, it's great news for McCann Erickson New York, which just picked up the account besting FCB Garfinkel, JWT, and others. Interestingly, it appears that perhaps the move was an effort to rid the account of a certain degree of cronyism stemming from the fact that FCB Chairman Lee Garfinkel was chairman and CCO at DDB from 2003 to 2009 and DDB CCO Matt Eastwood bailed during the review to join JWT as CCO to help that agency win the account. Having worked on government accounts myself, there's always a layer of back-slapping boys club stuff running rampant throughout the relationship.

Ten years ago, after she participated in a pitch -- which was lost -- for a well-known cereal brand, UK MediaCom CEO Karen Blackett was told by a colleague that two middle-aged white guys said: “MediaCom were quite good but there’s no way we’d have a female director in this account, let alone a black one.” Yes, Blackett is black. Yes, this happened ten years ago but it doesn't seem as though things have changed much. Of the statement, Blackett said: “That’s hurtful because that was personal. It was nothing to do with my work. I’d have preferred them to say the proposal was rubbish. But you then have to think, more fool them. They would have got a bloody brilliant team. Does it still occur behind my back? I’m sure it does.” Of the state of diversity in the UK ad industry, Blackett added: “I still think it’s odd that I’m the only senior black woman in the advertising industry. I was at a Marketing Society event earlier this year where Justin King was honored as a Fellow. In the room there were a handful of women and two people of colour. I was one of them.”



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  1. Barbara Ricci from The Westchester News, November 18, 2014 at 8:54 a.m.

    Australian ad man Tim Bond is happy. He's happy because he lives in Australia that's what he's happy about. If he lived in America he would know the truth about Barack Obama.

    Bond said this, about Barack Obama, "When the most powerful man in the world quotes something you wrote, it feels good."

    Mr. Bond, Barack Obama is not the most powerful man in the world, he is most known for his failures in-which, 10's of thousands of veterans live on the streets homeless, and American's are jobless living on welfare.

    I would say he is equivalent to a madman who conned his way into the White House.

  2. David Mattson, November 18, 2014 at 9:25 a.m.

    I'm happy that I live in this country, and happy that most people understand Ms Ricci is a miserable twit. I'm also very happy that Obama is our President - he has done many many things right, and he has tried to steer this country in the right direction despite ferocious opposition from the wackjobs (and corporations) that currently run the republican party. Ms. Ricci, you embody what an someone who move to Canada said recently about this country being a cesspool of racism, ignorance and hate-filled stupidity. Want to remind you of something, the First Lady, the first BLACK First Lady has made helping veterans her signature domestic focus. Something no Republican First Lady has done, and certainly not Bush's wife who looked the other way as so many of our guys were brought home from a strategically disastrous meatgrinder in Iraq missing their limbs, and oh yes, their futures. But, yeah, I guess it's all Obama's fault. Cesspool indeed.

  3. Barbara Ricci from The Westchester News, November 18, 2014 at 10:09 a.m.

    Mr. Mattson, you are clueless about the truth. The news has just started reporting about the homeless veterans on the streets of New York, but, this has been going on for years. This country doesn't even pay for the healthcare of veterans, they pay for a percentage. They don't even pay veterans enough to pay for housing when they come home. They drop them off in San Diego with a card board box, and they say thank you for your service to your country. Oh, there's more...

    It's simply not fair to allow illegals to stay in America either. Legals, legal Immigrants had to wait for years to get here to live and work in America, by obeying the law. These illegals benefit only one kind of people by being here, the rich. They use them for ranch hands on their farms, etc. Here's the best, they push Americans into being jobless because illegals are cheap labor, they work for cash and live on welfare, food stamps, free rent, free con ed, free medical coverage, free, free, free. Is this the new way of life in America, if you illegals break the law and cross our borders into America, no worries, we will change the laws to let you stay. What kind of message is this sending to the 10's of thousands of Americans and veterans living on the streets homeless and jobless? And, the President wants to make illegal legal, I'd like to know who greased his palm. He also wants to send 6 billion of our American dollars to Africa, hell no. We have homeless veterans living in cardboard boxes. President Barack Obama is a madman. He should be impeached.

    People like you make me sick to my stomach, your clueless and misleading the public.

  4. Barbara Ricci from The Westchester News, November 18, 2014 at 10:16 a.m.


  5. CJ McCabe from C-Mac, November 18, 2014 at 5:36 p.m.

    Now, children.
    Play nice.
    And, David?
    You should know better than to engage with a FOX (news viewer).
    Although she's absolutely right about the way our veterans are treated.
    But, of course, she's wrong about who's responsible.
    It's the penurious, "big government sucks" RWNJs in the House.
    Barry would be perfectly willing to throw the 1%'s money at the problem... and I would support the tactic.
    And I bid you both a good day.

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