Sizmek Adopts 'Game Theory' Attribution Via Partnership With Abakus

Sizmek, an ad management firm, on Thursday announced a partnership with attribution firm Abakus to incorporate “game theory” attribution to its platform.

“Marketers want to understand the bigger picture and the relative role that each channel plays in driving awareness and sales,” stated Ricky Liversidge, CMO and head of product at Sizmek. “It is clear that the ‘last touch’ attribution model is neither accurate nor effective.”

“Game theory” measures the incremental value of every online marketing event, Sizmek claims in a release. The company asserts game theory attribution will give marketers a more accurate picture of how their campaign is leading consumers down the funnel.

Abakus was recently named a “contender” in the cross-channel attribution space as one of eight vendors studied by Forrester. “Abakus is a small, but impressive, performance measurement vendor with core strengths in offline marketing and media integration, attribution approach, and on boarding services,” Forrester wrote in its report.

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