TDA_Boulder Agency Is Putting Applicants to the Truest of Tests: Two Days in Vegas at the Agency's Holiday Party

Ad agencies like to make a big deal out of things. And they like to go to Vegas. Looking to hire an art director, the agency created a police-themed application, complete with fingerprinting document, which read, "There's only so much you can learn from an applicant over the course of an hour-long interview. Which is why TDA_Boulder is taking a new approach to hiring an art director - bringing you on our two-day holiday party in Las Vegas.” Oh yes. If there's anything that tears down any squeamishness and gets right to the heart of a person, it's two days in Vegas. The agency is screening candidates on Skype and accepting applications until December 14. 

In the same vein as TDA_Boulder's hiring stunt, Austin-based McGarrah Jesse is going above and beyond with the hiring of its 100th employee. As Elliott Nordstrom showed up for his first day of work, a very God-like voice began to intone a brief summary of Nordstrom's life. And then the streamers and the balloons and circus jugglers and the 99 other agency employees appeared to welcome Nordstrom to his new gig. He was even presented with a trophy. 30,000 YouTube views later, the agency is very happy with the publicity Nordstorm helped them achieve. Watch the video



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