100 Xaxis Accounts To Use Datorama In 2015

Xaxis, GroupM’s largest trading desk and audience-buying platform, has partnered with Datorama, an ad tech firm that organizes and automates analytics reporting.

Xaxis analysts previously “combined billing platform data, ad-server delivery data and cost data coming from their demand side platforms,” per a case study posted by Xaxis. “All of this data needed to be normalized, de-duplicated, reconciled and easily accessible -- across the entirety of the company. This was a highly manual process that required a large amount of time.” Through Datorama, Xaxis is automating this process.

Xaxis notes that over 100 of its accounts will be using Datorama by next year, claiming that automating data collection and analytics reporting will “free up over 100 man-hours per week for their teams.”



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