Subway Takes Followers On Social Adventure For National Cookie Day

nationalcookiedaySubway marked National Cookie Day — and promoted its own cookies, including a seasonal gingerbread version — by taking its Twitter followers on an all-day social media adventure that included Vines and emojis, as well as tweets.

The brand launched the Dec. 4 campaign on @Subway with a tweet wishing followers a happy #NationalCookieDay and inviting them to follow along all day for "the sweet story of a Subway [cookie emoji] as he goes on an adventure of a lifetime."

An initial Vine showed a cookie taking "the wrong way home." A still from that video short (shown above), was also used as @Subway's header image for the day. 

A total of 14 more tweets, many accompanied by illustrative emojis, told the story of the cookie falling into an alligator pit, escaping on a boat, surviving a storm and a volcano, and finally — in a second Vine — returning home to Subway with the help of an animated whale. 



Subway also primed the pump by sending platters of gingerbread cookies to the offices of popular food and tech sites, and retweeting resulting thank-you posts from @TheDaily Meal and @Mashable. 

Subway reports that the mini-campaign, created by 360i, generated 16,300 Vine loops, 2,300 favorites and 1,400 retweets.

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