Brands Set Rules to Manage Email Frequency

In a panel at the Email Insider Summit today, brand marketers discussed how they are testing cadence and frequency in order to balance placement in the inbox with overspending.

For, the company sends more emails right after a person has engaged with the site, said Omer Navaid, Associate Manager, Acquisition Marketing,, because that is when they are more likely to respond. When they are searching for a car, they are more likely to want to hear from the site, but after they have purchased they are less likely to open emails so this is when sends less frequently.

For tool e-commerce site, Zoro, the more the customer interacts, the more they will hear from the brand, said Shanon Strahl, Sr. Director of Marketing Operations at Zoro. While they have some frequency rules in place when it comes to pure marketing emails, they do a lot of triggered emailing based on behavior.

Jeff CarlEcommerce Marketing Manager, Angie's List, said that his company sends a lot of emails with a lot of calls-to-action so they have rules in place in order to avoid overwhelming the member. Still they typically try to send at least an email a day.



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