NEW! No Dialogue Necessary In Holiday Ad For Bojangles

bojanglesA box of Bojangles' fried chicken saves the day at a Christmas party, but not in the way that you may think. This holiday-themed ad, "Starlight," is free of dialogue, with only the lyrics of the Sufjan Stevens song, "Put the Lights on the Tree" heard throughout.  When one man returns home with two boxes of Bojangles' chicken, ready to trim the family Christmas tree, he's forced to think quickly on his feet when the glass star atop the tree is broken. Dad gets out his box cutter and flashlight and cuts the Bojangles' star out of one box. The end result is a MacGyver-made tree-top star projector that doesn't look half bad. "Starlight" marks the first holiday-themed ad from Bojangles in recent years. See it here, created by BooneOakley. The media buy was handled in-house.
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