Technology Promises Big Development In 2015

We saw the growth of established and emerging Internet technologies this past year. That was just the beginning.

As we move into 2015, we’re going to see development in: anonymous features, beacons, cloud continuity, cognitive computing, e-ink accessories, heads-up displays, hearables, niche content, programmatic creative, smart virtual personal assistants and more.

Some of these technologies have been evolving quickly over the last several months.

User understanding of how data is being used — not only by the organizations authorized to target them for marketing, but by government authorities doing super-snooping in the name of Homeland Security — has served as a catalyst for some users to create an ‘anonymous’ online existence.

We’ll also see continued traction in what I call the "collaborative enablers" … Which is when tech firms, like Airbnb, use technology to bring together communities of people with particular assets or skills/services to enable connections with complete strangers.



And, in 2015, we should expect to see innovation driven by established organizations anxious to get into some of these new categories for the first time … Think of it as digital planning for corporate 2.0.

There is so much more to talk about; these analyses are highlighted in my presentation. The general theme is that the Internet’s continuies to go deeper into niche categories to offer services and products to meet the needs and wants of online and mobile digital users. From the young to the aged, and from the cash-strapped to the affluent.

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