Where the Best Deals Are, by Average Discount, Number of Items on Sale

OK, here’s the deal.

No, I mean, really, here are the locations of where the sales are and who has them.

Mobile shoppers are always looking for a deal.

It’s at the top of the list of just about every mobile shopping study and now one of the mobile shopping tool companies has done a pretty nifty breakdown in the midst of holiday shopping time.

Due to the mass volume of mobile shopping activity, the providers of apps that consumers use  accumulate large masses of data from which they can draw insights.

For example, data from the many millions of barcode and QR code scans using the Scanlife app are captured, aggregated and analyzed to be able to provide market intelligence about what consumers are checking out and purchasing.

Now another set of shopping data has just been attained, by ShopSavvy, the app most noted for quick, in-store price checks and comparisons to see where the best deals are.



I’ve been using the ShopSavvy app since forever and never make any significant purchase without first using the app to scan and check the price. Most often there’s a better price elsewhere, which the current store usually will match once you show them on your phone.

The data gathered from all these price checks gets aggregated and over time has been built into a treasure trove of shopping insights.

ShopSavvy now has a database comprising historical prices for all products from more than 500,000 retailers. The company also has a system that continually searches for new products on sale from about 100 of the most popular and heavily trafficked retailers, so they can match one system against the other to determine the average discounts by store as well as the number of products discounted

The company just did an analysis to determine which product categories have the deepest discounts and at our request identified the top three retailers in each category, including the average discount level.

Shopping for men’s clothing? You’re in luck. That’s where the biggest discounts are. Women’s clothing? The most products on sale.

The average discount is not necessarily related to the number of items for sale, based on the ShopSavvy data. For example, the average discount at Forever 21 is the second lowest in its category but it has the largest number of products (2,033) on sale.

So this is where the deals are, broken down by the deepest average discounts in each of the seven categories, based on the analysis. Also included are how many products are on sale at each store.

Men’s clothing

  • 60% -- Men’s Warehouse (620 items)
  • 41% -- JackThreads (346 items)
  • 34% -- Urban Outfitters (907 items)

Women’s clothing

  • 35% -- Victoria’s Secret (893 items)
  • 32% -- Forever 21 (2,033 items)
  • 28% - Kohl’s (919 items)


  • 41% -- Walmart (148 items)
  • 39% -- Newegg (192 items)
  • 15% -- Best Buy (253 items)


  • 29% -- Best Buy (913 items)
  • 28% -- Newegg (341 items)
  • 28% -- Target (887 items)


  • 31% -- Urban Outfitters (393 items)
  • 20% -- Sports Authority (333 items)
  • 26% -- Sport Chalet (479 items)

Home and Garden

  • 30% -- West Elm (553 items)
  • 28% -- Pottery Barn (623 items)
  • 25% -- Kmart (1,153 items)


  • 39% -- Newegg (717 items)
  • 24% -- Best Buy (595 items)
  • 24% -- Walmart (397 items)

Happy shopping!


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