Coupons Lead the Way in Mobile Shopping

Soon after all the holiday shopping is done, we can expect to see the full depth of mobile commerce and its impact on sales.

Meanwhile, various studies already point to patterns of mobile behavior and how consumers are using their phones during all phases of the shopping process.

Consumers are using their phones to research, check product reviews, look up product information and, in some cases, make a purchase from their phone, based on a new report.

The study for SPS Commerce comprised a market analysis from Forrester’s Consumer Technographics Retail Online Benchmark survey along with data from a survey of 50 managers and executives at retailers with 500 or more employees conducted by Forrester.

During the past three months, consumers used their phones for a wide range of shopping activities, none of which seem to dominate. Here’s what they did, based on a survey of 5,000 online adults who use mobile phones:

  • 33% -- Research a product
  • 24% -- Read customer reviews of a product
  • 22% -- Purchase a product
  • 20% -- Look up product information while in a store
  • 20% -- Find or redeem coupon code
  • 18% -- Compare in-store prices with online while in a store
  • 17% -- Check product availability
  • 13% -- Access loyalty rewards account
  • 13% -- Learn about an in-store promotion or event
  • 13% -- Scan 2D barcodes
  • 10% -- Store gift cards
  • 9% -- Store/save a receipt
  • 8% -- Reserve items at a store for pickup



However, while in a store, where most consumers go to make an actual purchase, mobile activity appears to be considerably higher. Almost half of mobile consumers use their phones for actions relating to coupons and product information. Here’s what consumers do while shopping in a store, according to Forrester:

  • 48% -- Find/redeem coupon
  • 48% -- Look up product information
  • 46% -- Compare physical store prices with online prices
  • 46% -- Read product reviews
  • 36% -- Scam 2D barcodes

While most actual shopping and purchasing happens in a store, mobile continues to change how the actual shopping occurs. The next holiday season likely will look even more different.

But mobile usage is not going down.


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