Lexus Launches Campaign For New NX Compact SUV

Lexus has not, until now, had a compelling argument in the entry SUV category to line up against vehicles like Mercedes-Benz GLK, Audi Q5 or BMW X3. Now it does, and it is starting that argument with a campaign directed to younger luxury shoppers seeking looks and technology.

The effort for the Lexus NX, which Lexus says comes in at a price point under the Q5, is a futurist's take on style. Via Lexus' long-time AOR Los Angeles-based Team One, the campaign, with a multi-ethnic cast, is also intended to appeal to an ethnically diverse, urban audience.

The ads take place in a warehouse, and feature a cast out of "Gattaca": young, streamlined, sexy, diverse, and dressed for the 23rd century. In the initial spot the men and women approach a shipping crate, tossing in a bicycle, luggage, an electric guitar, and snowboard. Then the crate’s four walls fall open, revealing the NX, with the young folks inside. 

In the second ad, showing the same people now driving the vehicle, the focus is on the car's Qi wireless device charger and next-generation Remote Touchpad. Both spots end with a voiceover that states: “Once you go beyond utility, there’s no going back.”



There will be two more spots for the campaign, per Lexus: one is set in an industrial area, and focuses on lifestyle and music; and the fourth, with a kind of “my way” theme, shows a guy driving his NX, disregarding the status quo.

Lexus says the ads will air during prime time, late night, cable, and network and cable sports -- with exclusive deals with March Madness on CBS, NHL on NBC Sports and college football on ESPN and Bleacher Report.

The campaign also includes print, digital and out-of-home focused on style and technology. Print will be in books like Dwell, GQ and Saveur, and Vogue’s Spring Fashion Issue. Digital includes first-to-market Facebook campaign connects Lexus with urban consumers using hyper-targeted, auto-play video ads.

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