Microsoft Unveils HoloLens, Readies Next Phase Of Interactive Advertising With Holographs

Microsoft on Wednesday announced HoloLens, a wireless smart headset that blends holographs with the real world.

The company said it would build an ecosystem of partners for Windows Holographic and provide an API to connect applications with Windows 10 through universal apps, inviting developers of Oculus and Magic Leap to join in. 

The headset could usher in the next phase of interactive advertising.

Its high-definition lenses has spatial sound and advanced sensors to capture actions and environments. The processor reads and processes information in real-time. The device does not need a connection to a mobile phone or other device.

The tool provides an opportunity for brands and their agencies to explore new types of interactive advertising experiences, from search and content, to video and experiential. Connecting these images from the headset to the Internet would enable users to share the experience with others.



The idea is to go beyond the touchscreen and allow consumers to interact with virtual objects. Microsoft created a software platform to support the technology and creation of holograms. Microsoft developers describe HoloLens as a see-through display to create 3D modeling. It will enable brands and their agencies to create the next phase in consumer interactive advertisements. Intel also recently demonstrated a holographic display powered by its RealSense platform.

Microsoft did not announce an entrance into advertising with the headset, but it did demonstrate the ability to create interactive experiences from personal computing to entertainment. It also announced a partnership with the Jet Propulsions Laboratory.

Through the partnership, JPL has been experimenting with the Rover on Mars, moving it and walking on the planet. They can walk around and explore Mars in their office. It's a different way to explore. JPL plans to deploy the technology on site soon, and by July control rovers on Mars.

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