Tagga Debuts Tout Score For Brands To More Accurately Measure Engagement, Target Campaigns

Tagga plans to release a cross-channel campaign management platform Tuesday, along with a way to score consumers based on their engagement with the brand. Similar to a Klout score, it delivers on the promise of more accurate targeting.

The Engagement Marketing Platform (TEMP), and the Tagga Tout Score, respectively, pivots the company in a new direction toward processing and analyzing data, as well as progressive profiling. The company remains dedicated to mobile, but brings in social and data to augment target advertising and marketing.

The Tout Score platform analyzes a combination of opt-in and implied data, such as clicks, impressions and conversions, to serve targeted content and advertisements. "From the Web site, you came from to clicking on the campaign to entering the contest, then sharing it and to redeeming the coupon," said Amielle Lake, CRO and founder at Tagga. "It gives brands access to a score and map to see how their communities engage with them on mobile, email and social." 

The algorithm looks at that data and assigns a score from one to 100, for each individual in the brand's community.

The score is based on engagement, how the person shares data, and the size of their social network. Lake defines community as Facebook pages or email databases. Consumers with a Tout Score of 45 would receive a different message, compared with those receiving a score of 50.

"The approach to gather data relies on progressive profiling. It not just about one campaign, but rather every campaign," Lake said. "The profile of the consumers built over time. Its accurate and relevant, not stale."

Tagga piloted the platform in 2014, with three "very large" unnamed brands, and Midwest discount retailer Gordmans Stores, with a U.S. market cap of about $800 million. Some of the brands have seen six month projects producing a coupon redemption rate of up to 80%, and an increase in sales compared with previous years, ranging from 80% to 400%. It's credited with producing a return on marketing investment as high as 1900%, 19:1 ROMI. The platform also generated email open rates up to 80%.

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