3 Mobile Marketing Resolutions To Maximize Your Impact

Understanding how mobile fits into the path to purchase has never been more important for brands. People increasingly use their mobile devices to research and discover content as well as products.

In fact, according to recent research by Flurry from Yahoo, consumers now spend more time on their mobile devices than watching TV. It’s clear that mobile offers massive opportunity to reach consumers when they’re actively engaged.

But are marketers really maximizing the potential of this platform? PriceWaterhouseCoopers recently reported that 37% of mobile users say they’ve never clicked on a mobile ad.

The new year is a great time for marketers to revisit their mobile strategies and set goals to ensure their ads are as engaging and impactful as possible. Studies show that 1/4 of resolutions don’t survive through the end of January. Don’t be a statistic: Here are three mobile marketing resolutions marketers should resolve to keep in 2015.

Put the user first:

Consumers today expect richer content and ad experiences that fit the devices they’re using. This year, the key for brands is to focus on creating advertising that is a seamless part of the mobile experience and enhances the way people consume content on smaller screens.

Native ads will be an even bigger part of this conversation going forward. Because native ads align with the mobile content experience and are directly integrated within the news streams, article pages or image galleries that mobile consumers may be browsing, they can deliver a more relevant and engaging experience.

Keep it simple:

With mobile ad formats, it’s critical that brands understand how to bring together text, images or video to deliver a strong message and drive performance. To increase awareness and engagement, remember to keep the text within mobile ads simple yet powerful, and ensure your visuals are high-impact.

A strong, specific call to action will drive the best response with your target audience, whether it’s a special offer or new product information. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Your ad will have a better chance of standing out, especially if you’re speaking the language of your consumers.

Be targeted:

According to recent research, only 30%, of smartphone users say they’re being served ads that are relevant to them. It’s time for brands to step up their targeting in 2015 in a way that benefits users. This year, we’ll see greater attention to data and targeting in not only mobile, but also cross-screen ad strategies.

Using data, brands can better identify consumers who are currently researching products or poised to make a purchase. That means brands have an opportunity to deliver ads that are better targeted to their audiences, can help influence a purchase, and ultimately provide a better mobile ad experience for consumers.


Brands can’t afford to sit back and hope their mobile ad messages rise above the noise. Sticking to these three resolutions will help marketers make the most of their mobile campaigns and increase engagement with their target audience no matter where consumers are in the path to purchase. Get ready to maximize the potential of your mobile ad efforts.

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