Adobe Report Suggests Media Buys More Effective On Certain Days Of The Week

A report released Tuesday suggests that marketers should consider the day of the week when making media buys. Mobile searches happen more often on Sunday. During Q4 2014, mobile searches rose 17% higher on Sunday compared with other days in the week, while desktop searches ranked highest on Mondays, up 9% above an average day.

"It makes total sense because you're out and about," said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst, Adobe Digital Index. "We don't think brands have paid attention, yet, to buying media based on the day of the week."

The Adobe Digital Index's Q4 Digital Advertising Benchmark report also reveals that Facebook posts, impressions, interaction rates, and interaction types occur mostly on Friday. Interaction rates for Facebook posts from retail brands rose about 14% to 15% in Q4 2014, compared with the prior year. "Who cares about Friday? Movie studies and theaters care about Fridays," Gaffney said. "Fridays are when people plan their weekend activities."



Gaffney said Thursday night television was a big night for movie studio advertisements to catch the attention of those making plans for the weekend. She believes this type of thinking could play out on digital if the industry begins to consider behavioral patterns across different media. Since marketers cannot put dollars in to all media, it makes sense to think more about behavior and media.

Overall, Paid impressions on Facebook from retailers rose 53% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), and up 13% YoY. Organic impressions on Facebook continue to decline YoY, down 32%, as Facebook aggressively makes it more difficult for brands to become successful on its platform without adopting paid advertising. The number of posts on Facebook by retailers rose 31% QoQ during the fourth quarter, and 64% YoY, per the report.

The ADI report based findings on more than 500 billion Google and Yahoo-Bing ad impressions, and more than 400 billion Facebook post impressions. While Google's text ads hold 66% of click share, Google's Shopping Ads out performed its text ads and took 20% of share.

Overall, Google's cost per click (CPC) grew, but not nearly as much as click-through rates. Global CTR rose 19% YoY, while CPC rose 8% during the same period. CTRs were flat for marketing running ads on the Yahoo-Bing network, with CPC growth up 7% YoY.

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  1. Jay Fredrickson from Fredrickson Services Inc., January 27, 2015 at 9:53 p.m.

    Uh Hello? Are you kidding me? If mobile has replaced newspapers they should take a look at which days of the week were the biggest for newspapers. Saturday was always errand day and get it done day. Sunday was shopping, looking, and searching through the insert day. Monday was/is be-back day. On ebay it has always been buy on Sunday, sell on Monday. Hire me and we can make some money

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