AT&T Taps Fluent For Millennial Marketing Projects

Boston-based college millennial marketing agency Fluent has added telecommunications giant AT&T to its client roster, the shop confirmed Monday.

Fluent said it would develop customized college market programming for AT&T.

Separately, Fluent said it has also been tapped by TV platform Philo to help it market to the college millennial market.

“As recently as just five to ten years ago, the college market was thought of as a ‘nice to have’ niche market, often treated as an afterthought by brands in their overall marketing efforts,” said Fluent CEO Chip Rives. “But digital technology and social media has changed all of that. Now the college market is among the most influential demographics there is, shaping tastes and preferences that can drive a brand’s entire product strategy and image."

The wins add to the string of new clients that Fluent added to its roster in the fourth quarter of 2014 including Keurig, Zipcar, Disney, and Microsoft.



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