NEW! Pierce Brosnan Typecast As Action Hero In Kia Super Bowl Ad

kiaFor the sixth consecutive year, Kia has returned to the Super Bowl, with an ad running in the third quarter. Promoting the 2016 Sorento CUV, "The Perfect Getaway" stars Pierce Brosnan as he meets with his agent to discuss a new role. Brosnan, known for his action films and role as James Bond, assumes the role pitched is full of action, explosions and enemies at every turn. But as the agent describes the scenes, everything is calm and more tailored for, say, a Super Bowl audience. There's no sniper hiding in the trees, but there is a beautiful owl. Brosnan isn't going 100+ miles per hour up a snowy mountain road; he does 30 because he's not being chased and it's winter. When Brosnan arrives at his final destination -- a log cabin -- it doesn't explode as Brosnan assumes it will, but there are fireworks between the actor and the woman who greets him at the door. "The Perfect Getaway Vehicle," closes the ad, seen here and created by David&Goliath. Last year's Super Bowl ad, "The Truth," featured Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus from "The Matrix" trilogy singing operatic praises for the 2015 K900.
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