Richards Group Moves Into A Parking Garage

Two weeks ago, the Richards Group moved all of its 700 employees into its newly constructed, 18-story high-rise in Dallas' West Village. The new digs have everything you'd expect a swanky agency space to have -- a gym, spin class and yoga center; a recording studio, social media control room offices, save for one that will be used by the agency's CFO.

Eight of the 18 stories comprise a parking garage -- which, let’s be honest, is awesome. Who wants to fight traffic to find a parking space, anyway?

Of his excitement over the new office space, Richards Group Founder Stan Richards said: “I carry a lot of enthusiasm with me no matter what the circumstances are.” He adds: “I came here 62 years ago, no job, no connections, no expectations for anything. To come to the point where we could do this is significant.”

Of the open office design, which some new research has found to be less conducive to productivity than old-school enclosed offices, Richards added: “I’ve tried to create an organization that’s as egalitarian as it can be and still run as a business. Part of that is making sure everybody gets information at the same moment, not that it goes to the senior people and drifts down to the less important people.”



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