Super Bowl Spots: Anheuser-Busch, Fiat Grab Most Commercial Airtime

This year’s Super Bowl pulled in the second-largest amount of commercial time from paying advertisers ever for the big game — 39 minutes and 45 seconds — according to Kantar Media.

Adding up other non-programming time, which includes NFL promos and NBCUniversal network promos, this total comes to 48 minutes and 25 seconds — or 23% of the entire broadcast of the game. The game itself ran 3 hours and 35 minutes, including half-time.

This year’s game is the third-largest when it comes to non-programming time; the 2013 game had the most, amounting to 51:40.

NBC ran 7:10 worth of network promos — slightly higher than the 2014 game (where Fox aired 6:25); but much less than the 10:20 time that CBS ran in 2013. The NFL itself ran 1:30 worth of promos, down from 1:50 in 2014; and less than half the 3:00 in 2013.



Anheuser-Busch and Fiat Chrysler ran the most commercial time at 3:30, each with three units. Toyota was next at 3:00 and four units. Comcast Corp. and Microsoft each ran a total of two minutes -- four units for Comcast and two for Microsoft.

Thirty-two percent — 13 companies — were first time advertisers out of total number of 41 parent companies. This was way up over the 23%, with 9 new advertisers, of a year ago.

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