Reuters Debuts Reuters TV, Geared To 'Netflix Age'

In addition to branching out into new content areas like video, the last decade has seen news services creating their own branded digital publishing platforms, boosting their reach by bringing content straight to consumers. Reuters has launched a new mobile TV news service app, Reuters TV, offering curated, personalized video news content.

Currently available exclusively for the iPhone, Reuters TV is targeting informed, aware adults in their 30s and 40s who don’t have the time or inclination to watch traditional TV news, but still appreciate professional video journalism. The app is available for a monthly cost of $1.99 (or £1.49) per month via an in-app subscription; a free 30-day introduction preview is currently available.

Reuters TV consists of two new services. The first, Reuters Now, features news content that is aggregated algorithmically but also curated by editors, which can be customized with durations from five to 30 minutes and tailored to the viewer’s interests and locations.



Reuters TV accommodates the different program lengths, while maintaining broadcast level of quality, by producing a number of different versions at its major global bureaus. The Reuters Now program can also be downloaded for offline viewing.

The second service, Live Feeds, offers real-time round-the-clock coverage of events around the world. It is available live and on-demand. Both services draw on reporting from around 2,500 Reuters journalists in 160 countries.

Describing Reuters TV as “news for the Netflix age,” Managing Director Isaac Showman touted the new product as “ideal for viewing during your daily commute.”

Reuters has been moving to expand its video content offerings with new products and partnerships. Last month, Reuters entered into a strategic partnership with Perform, a digital sports content group, allowing both companies to syndicate and distribute content across both of their online publishing platforms.

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