Just How Long Before FCB Chicago Closes Its Door?

No, the agency isn't closing up shop yet but with its recent loss of KFC to Wieden+Kennedy in Portland coupled with a string of recent losses, one really has to wonder how much longer the agency can keep the lights on.

Following the arrival of new CMO Kevin Hochman -- who hails from P&G and worked on Old Spice, a Wieden+Kennedy account -- Yum Brands took the $200 million KFC account and shifted it to Wieden+Kennedy. 

On the up side for KFC, if Hochman and W+K can pull of what they did for Old Spice, the fried chicken chain might stand a chance of surviving amidst a shift towards healthier eating.

In the past few years, FCB Chicago has lost Kraft Foods, Coors Light, Sharpie and S.C. Johnson. That's really not a good run, but FCB Chicago CEO Michael Fassnacht isn't giving up and says the agency isn't going anywhere pointing out the fact that while the agency has lost many accounts, it's also gained a few:  Choose Chicago, Nestle and Michelob Ultra.

Update: An earlier version of this item inadvertently omitted a link to a Chicago Business Journal story for which FCB's Michael Fassnacht was interviewed.



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