Just How Long Before FCB Chicago Launches Its New Positioning?

Yesterday I chastised FCB Chicago -- much to the chagrin of their PR personnel -- for losing the KFC account as well as other recent losses. The agency was not pleased. But, hey -- I never insinuated anything was wrong with the agency. I just posed a question, a very public sharing of some random thought someone might have while showering in the morning. 

If a page full of animated gifs sharing the glee every FCB employee expressed during the agency's global meeting held this week are to be believed, I'd have to admit it looks like things are quite fine at the agency. 

Each of the animated gifs is tagged with a line of copy which reads: "What behavior do you want to change?" Talking about behavior and making change is, in a nutshell, what ad agencies are all about. If this is indicative of the agency's position, then I have to applaud them for cutting through the layers of excruciatingly tiresome platitudes most agencies hurl and high-five them for cutting through the bullshit and telling it like it is.



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