NEWSFLASH! Direct Marketing Agency Now Owned By A Woman!

It's really kind of sad that a press release has to be issued to celebrate the fact that a female agency CEO has now become sole owner of the company. Now, before everyone piles on that, yes -- more businesses should be owned and operated by women, let it be known that I am firmly in agreement with that. It's just kind of sad that it's still news.

Anyway, Hawthorne Direct has announced CEO Jessica Hawthorne-Castro is now sole owner of the agency. Founder and former Chairman and CEO, Tim Hawthorne has stepped aside but will remain as a board member and strategic adviser. Hawthorne-Castro, who became CEO in May 2014, first joined Hawthorne in 2007.

Tim Hawthorne founded Hawthorne Direct in 1986 and has been a well-known direct response television advertising pioneer for 30 years. He co-founded the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), wrote a textbook on accountable TV advertising in 1997, received the ERA's Lifetime Achievement honor in 2006 and was inducted into the Direct Response Hall of Fame in May, 2014. 

Of Hawthorne-Castro's appointment, Hawthorne said: "There is no one better suited to lead Hawthorne Direct in this new age of data-driven, multi-platform, accountable advertising than Jessica. She has proven her dedication to the company and staff, and brings a powerful array of strategic, analytical and management skills to our corporate leadership. We're proud she is our new owner and leader."

Prior to joining Hawthorne Direct, Hawthorne-Castro had been a television literary agent with WME/William Morris Endeavor, a Hollywood talent agency representing writers, directors and producers for television



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