Oban Digital Aims to Help Agencies Avoid Cultural Marketing Blunders

So you think you can create an international campaign complete with cultural nuances so you don't end up like Pepsi telling the Chinese it will bring their ancestors back from the grave? It's not as easy as it sounds. But Oban Digital, a UK-based agency specializing in cultural nuances, aims to help, and they have just launched in the U.S.

Of the cultural calamity that can arise from marketing missteps, Oban Digital VP of U.S. Sales Trina Hymes said: "Audience attitudes and actions differ from country to country so understanding their intent and habits is key to engaging effectively with international audiences. By understanding the semantic context of search, navigation and intent data on a massive scale we can understand on a deep level what people really think of a product of service. Using local teams to interpret people’s online behavior on a global scale Oban can provide rich insights into a culture’s particular nuances in relation to any product or service."  

Prior to joining Oban Digital, Hymes was in strategic business development and sales management for WebSourced, ChannelAdvisor, and Vocus Inc. Hymes is a member of Global SEO Professionals, B2B Global Marketing Group, and the Digital Marketing Association. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising/Marketing from Howard University.



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