Multiple Agencies Tap Placed To Link Digital Ads, Physical Sales

Location-based ad-targeting firm Placed on Wednesday announced partnerships with Digitas, Horizon, IPG Mediabrands, Crossmedia, Essence and Southwest Media Group.

The U.S. media agencies will use Placed’s attribution product to measure the in-store impact that digital ad campaigns have.

Brett Leary, VP and group director of mobile at DigitasLBi, said in a statement that the partnership will allow Digitas to “better link consumer behaviors between the physical and digital world.”

“The ability to directly measure a store visit, attribute it to media, and intersect that with surveys to garner attitudinal insights provides an immediate benefit to our clients,” stated Lee Beale, director at Crossmedia.

IPG took a minority stake in Placed last September.



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  1. Neil Hunter from Consumer Kinetics Inc., February 12, 2015 at 10:36 a.m.

    Up front transparency required before anyone reads my comment - my company and Consumer App CartSmart already link digital activity to in store purchases - so that is my bias stated up front.
    I do love how we are finally getting some solid measurement against digital marketing, however this solution from what I can see does not tell a brand the consumer actually bought the item. I invite anyone from the companies involved to contact me and clarify.
    Telling an advertiser that the consumer went into a store where the product is can be interesting but the consumer may make 2.5 trips per week to a store where those products likely sell, so it is actually irrelevant. Now are we beaconing this program to tell me they were in section, much more interesting, but without the linking to actual POS I don't see the metrics holding much weight.
    I think we are heading the right direction, it just needs to plug into POS, which is good, but thank goodness we can get away from using clicks and"Likes" as benchmarks of digital engagement, as last time we checked companies report share and earnings and not clicks or likes.

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