Former TBWA Creative Director Still Hates Apple's Advertising

In the middle of writing a book, former TBWA Creative Director Ken Segall is still on a rampage against Apple advertising. Last year he said Apple's current advertising makes it seem like the brand has lost its bite. Now he's trashing the brand again.

Speaking to the Business Standard, Segall said, "I do not like the advertising Apple has been doing in the past few years. It is not my type. Also there is no Steve Jobs. Without Steve’s taste, it seems they are checking off boxes. They have done some soft advertisements. Look at some of the iPad ads and they said, look what a lot of people are doing smartly around the world. But that is nothing great, you can do all that on an Android, too. I think the Mac versus PC campaign was remarkable, it went against the competition and made fun of it. But it gave Mac a personality."

Of course, it's no secret that Steve Jobs was Apple and made the brand what it has become. Apple will never be the same as it was and neither will its advertising. But last I looked, the brand is doing just fine. Everything changes. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Apple will never again have a Steve Jobs personality, nor should it. He's gone, the company has moved on and so should we. The brand will find its footing under Tim Cook's leadership. And the advertising will be different. That's just the way it is.



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