New Mexico Agencies Incapable of Handling Santa Fe Tourism Account, Snowbound Boston Agency Chosen Instead

Given this winter's perpetual East Coast blizzard and the propensity for, you know, it to be cold in the Northeast all the time, it might give some a bit of a chuckle that Boston-based Fuseideas was just awarded the $900,000 Santa Fe tourism account. I mean really, what does a freezing, snowbound Bostonian know about Santa Fe, New Mexico?

Oh wait. Yeah, it makes perfect sense. Everyone at Fuseideas -- rather, everyone in Boston -- would so rather be in Santa Fe right now than be facing yet another blizzard. So, yeah, a Boston-based agency is totally motivated to do everything and anything it can to convince people that Santa Fe is a way better place than anywhere else -- save Texas or Florida -- to spend some time this winter.

Of choosing a Boston agency for the account, Santa Fe City Councilor Ron Trujillo had nothing nice to say about the three New Mexico agencies up against Fuseideas in the pitch, saying: “I don’t want to be a thorn, but it just amazes me that there’s not one company within Santa Fe or New Mexico that could do this."

Of the three failed New Mexico agencies, Santa Fe Tourism Executive Director Randy Randall said: “None of the three had capabilities that were as good as what we could find by going outside the state. Could we have settled? Could we have picked the best of the in-state agencies? Absolutely. But would that have been the best thing for Santa Fe? I don’t think so.”




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